“Hit It If You Can!”

You know about Stuxnet, the computer worm that has devestated the industrial control systems of the Iranian nuclear systems – slowing the development significantly – and it appears that the same developers of that worm have developed a remote control Trojan that does not impact industrial control systems but rather sees and reports.

Some nation – and it really does have to be a nation because these cyber attack systems take hundereds of people – possibly thousands – to develop, and we do not know how a corporation could keep it secret. Their budgets are too small to hide such a large, on-going expense, but a nation can do that.

At least the developers of Duqu – that is the name of the new program – had access to the base code of Stuxnet, and Duqu collects everything from keystrokes to system data. It then encrypts the data, compresses it tightly and stores it for collection on demand.

That is a perfect project to find the progress of the Iranian nuclear program – and to determinse the actual damage that Stuxnet worm has actually caused to the Iranian nuclear program.

I am not certain why there is so much discussion of what should be secret, except that Iran – even with their German contractor hired to limit the damage – is not able to do a good job of playing defense, even when announced in advanced.

It is sort of like the days when Bob Feller overpowered hitters. They knew the next pitch was a fastball, but it was an unhittable 100 MPH fastball, so if you have no answer to the problem it does no harm to be forewarned.

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