Covering Up Stupidity

Watching as much MSNBC as my stomach will permit, I do note that Fox and MSNBC talk past each other, because Republicans and Democrats do.

Any segment seen on Fox is usually correct as it blasts the liberals.

Any segment seen on MSNBC is usually correct as it blasts the conservatives.

The problem is that no segment on MSNBC addresses the same subject as is addressed on Fox, and the opposite is true.

Conservatives and liberals talk past each other. The complaints liberals make of conservatives is usually accurate and visa versa.

Take the segment of Rachel Maddow this past evening, reporting a state legislator in the Wisconsin Special Session to address jobs. the legislator was texting the actual subjects before the legislature:  The sale of beer at county fairs, the definition of bicycles, abortion clinics,  etc. etc. etc. and not one subject before the Republican legislature — called into session by a Republican governor to address jobs.

So, do you think this subject will ever be addressed on Fox? Not on your tintype!

The two networks address only the good things about their chosen political party and bad things about the opponent.

Good for rallying the committed, but not useful for getting useful information. Republicans and Democrats KNOW that their particular network will not report their stupidity, and only the other network will — which means their particular base will not see their stupidity and only the other base will. Neither side cares a whit about what the other sides base is told.

That permits minor but cumulatively bad activity to continue — because only atrocious behavior will make the 30 minute nightly news on the Big Three networks.

Occupy San Diego

There was a debate on a local blog last week about whether the owner of a coffee shop was annoyed with Occupy San Diego…Ch. 8 last night had video of her yelling at Occupy SD people that she had been forced to close her coffee cart after four years in that spot because of their activities and their threats. She was busy having someone hanging an American Flag on her closed coffee cart.

Speaking of the American flag, did you see the video of the guy who had his dog tearing up the American flag? the owner of the dog didn’t want his face or name visible, and claimed he was patriotic.

One of the problems with the Occupy bunch is that they are identified by their worst performers. Their legitimate message, at least insofar as Wall Street is concerned has been hijacked by radicals.