Lot of Green In Front Of Apple

The fact is that Apple sold four MILION iPhone4S in the first 72 hours after introduction, primarily because of Siri, and Siri is just the very beginning. It is still in Beta, and just operating with a few of the iPhone apps–not yet even on the iPAD — and certainly not released to other developers for their ideas.

Siri is a HUGE game-changer as a human-computer interface. If combined with automobiles it can easily defeat or supplement the Ford-Microsoft SYNC system or add a huge advantage to another manufacturer.

Apple has a lot of green in front of them. Sure the safety is back there but does he have the angle and the speed?

Competitors were working on similar products, but Apple took a gamble on releasing their Beta product and it looks like a winner. At the very least they will get the credit for innovation, and if they can outrun the safety…

Siri will appear on MAC computers as well. The days of keyboard and mouse are limited.


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