Like, you Know, Spare me!

As a glutton for punishment, I listened to the two hours as three of the more articulate members do Occupy Los Angeles occupied a microphone at KFI Radio

It was a two hour session uninterrupted by a moderator, but if you take away all of the “like” and You knows” it probably was only 35 minutes.

The three selected articulate were an “International recording” artist, a self-described Hippie, and a guy who works in Hollywood. Two “artist” types and a Hippie.

The money quote from the session was, “Nobody gets two ’till everybody gets one.”

That was the summary by the Hippie, but the recording artist said that she paid more than $100,000 in federal taxes last year so she has a slug of things that the Hippie does not have and I did not hear a word about evening the score among the group.

I really hope they do a podcast of the session so you can hear it. It is worth your time to hear about “positivity.”


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