More Jobs Lore

It is no secret anymore that the outdoor public meeting observed between Steve Jobs and the CEO of Google so well reported a few years ago, was not a love match.

The CEO of Google had been on the Board of Apple, and the meeting as now reported, was Steve Jobs accusing Google of stealing the ideas of Apple for their upcoming Android systems. Jobs said at the meeting in question that it was “thermonuclear war” with Google.

Siri was the opening shot of that war, and the word on the street is that Apple will fire a second round against the Google Maps system with an Apple map system that is 3D based on recently unclassified missile aiming technology.

Apple is really annoyed that it introduces systems and others “copy” their innovations almost instantly, and that is why they are suing their main chipmaker (Samsung) in courts around the world for copying their products .

BTW, the ” news” you may have read that Samsung outsold Apple last quarter in Smartphones was technically accurate but terrible misleading. Last quarter the 4S had mot come out, and Apple buyers were not buying many of the 4 because they knew a new phone was to be announced.

Timing is everything. That, and understanding that even numbers can be misleading even when accurate.

Context, context, context!


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