“Watch Me, I’m Smart.”

Chris Matthews, who has written a new book on Jack Kennedy, says Jack Kennedy inspired people to “ask not…”

“Obama never asked us to join — no Peace Corps no Special Force Units — just “Watch me, I’m smart.”

For the guy who said Obama caused a “thrill run up my leg” so even the smallest criticism of Obama is a big come down for such a leading liberal voice.

But, Chris is right. As Obama has proven, “smart” is not what the nation needs — it needs leadership.

We don’t needs a Professor-in-Chief.

That is what we have.

(It doesn’t work.)

Eat the Rich!

The supporters of a flat tax are taking a beating from those who otherwise support treating everyone equally — except rich people.

I believe that a person who makes a million dollars a year should pay 10 times the taxes that someone who makes $100,000 a year, and that person should pay 10 times what someone who makes $10,000 should pay.

Obviously that is not what we have today.

What we have today is for the economically poor what liberals try to get for the educationally poor  minorities (except Asians), which is an uneven playing field to put a liberal thumb on the scales of equality and give their perceived victims of chance, a break.

Now they will deny this even in the face of the obvious. They will even say that the same amount of money is treated the same, that it is only funds after some arbitrary number that is treated differently.

The different numbers are arbitrary because there is no sense to the numbers. In the

Past campaign, the then Candidate Obama said $250,000. Today,m he speaks of “millionaires and billionaires.” There is no rationality to any number.

Many liberals prefer racial and gender preferences – which they will deny, but try to instill in educational venues whenever possible while still saying they favor “equality of treatment.” For a while liberals didn’t even bother with that fig leaf, but now they say the right words educationally while working behind the scenes for the same favoritism they say they reject.

There is a word for that.

Liberals make no such claims of equality when it comes to people with money however. Here, they freely admit they want different people treated differently, because people with money are considered easy targets of envy.

The rich have always been lampooned in our society – the butt of jokes, and stereotyped as greedy – so they make an easy target for liberals.

And, of course there is an advantage of taking the rich down a peg. Liberals get a share of the proceeds for themselves and their constituency. Being for the underdog does have some economic rewards, this time.

Piracy personified, and then exalted as a good thing!

Of course it isn’t ‘fair” — but fairness suddenly has nothing to do with it!