The Coming Storm

There is a report in the Guardian that Britain is making preparations to assist the US in an upcoming attack on Iran, perhaps as early as the Spring.

Britain admits that the US is perfectly capable of doing the job without Britain’s support, but that the US does not want to go it alone and so Britain will provide a fig-leaf of in-air refueling and sea support.

Israel is probably also capable of doing the job in Iran, at least for the next year after  which Iran may have hurried the material for the Iranian bomb too deeply.

The US has the Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in a Washington restaurant to point to as an “Act of War” and next week the UN will finally release their report on the progress of the Iranian bomb — and I expect the administration well knows the result that will be reported.

This will likely be an air and sea strike of some duration but with great precision to avoid civilian casualties where possible. It was back in the mid 90s that Iran declared the Straits of Hormuz closed to traffic, and every year the US Navy transits it anyway just to demonstrating that we believe in freedom of the seas and we will go where we please. that Straight may be the flash point or it may be the intention to open a “virtual” embassy, which Iran has threatened to shut down in December the second it goes live.

I am convinced that the US would have done this long ago were it not for the friendly population of Iran. Recently, the economic pressure the US has ratcheted up on Iran has hurt even the friendly populace, but what must be done must be done.

No one is a more reluctant warrior than President Obama, but he will see the upside of being a strong Commander in Chief, and the downside of being seen as weak when Iran is already a Piranha in the Middle East with no state support except a Syria already in chaos.