The Cain Mutiny

The Cain sexual claims, or rather non claims, is an interesting media circus, but little else.

It makes no difference the source of the information. It is either true, or it is false. Period.

Meanwhile, it is like all “he said, she said” and even more context, absent the actual use of force. If a guy makes a pass –that happens millions of times a day. If in addition it is repeated and unwanted, that is one extra step. If job offers, or rejection of jobs is offered, that is still another step.

And it depends on the cultural environment. I have worked in some HIGHLY sexually charged environment as the only man. What happened in that environment was constant sexual patter, but neither I nor they ever considered it  “sexual harassment.”

So, I would want to know more specifics, but nothing I hear is likely to rise to Clinton level.

The Clinton level appears to have been satisfactory to the Democrats.

Reporting the Real News

One of the things I do every night, late, when all of my real estate work is done, is to read the Washington Post, AP, Fox, NY Times and about 10 other newspapers, on-line.

Last night, checking WaPo on-line, there was no mention of Occupy Wherever in the first 30 on-line news stories.

Not that I blame them. The news, of course, was the Occupy Oakland violence, destruction and the shutdown of the fifth largest port in America–but you have to go to the Oakland Tribune to really read about that.

One the blogs there is some traffic about that fiasco, primarily caused by the Leftist Mayor of Oakland waffling on the use of police force, and the accompanying excuses by liberal bloggers about the violence being caused by outsiders.

But if you go to the Oakland Tribune, you can read the comments by an Oakland Occupy volunteer tell us that it was, indeed, not “outsiders.”

  “A meeting facilitator, who would only identify herself as “Milani,” said it wasn’t just outsiders committing vandalism. It was Occupy organizers, too.

“The person I saw putting toilet paper up, they’re a facilitator at the general assembly,” she said. “The person spray-painting, they’re on the events committee.”


“They’re carrying around axes, for God’s sake, on the side of the street. That’s not good for anyone,” said Craig Casey, 35, of Berkeley, who is also part of the “Fresh Juice Party” that advocates “musical protests.”

One of the reasons I went to the Oakland newspaper is that a blogger on a local blog, who happens to have lived her and now participates from Oregon, could not believe that two small businesses in downtown Sab Diego were being compensated for the loss of business by the SD City Council – because he had not read anything about any such problems even in the North County Times. The local problems are really only reported locally.

But one Oakland problem that was rather more widely reported was the story of an Oakland Developer, who lives in a building that he had spent $50 million renovating, when the Occupy Oakland thugs tried to break into he building.

“At least one businessman — well-known Oakland developer and city native Phil Tagami — took matters into his own hands during the melee. When masked attackers carrying hammers, sticks and poles barged open the doors of the landmark Rotunda Building on the plaza late Wednesday night, they came face to face with Tagami — and his shotgun.

“They took a few steps forward and I racked the shotgun and they left,” said Tagami, who oversaw the $50 million restoration of the building and is a tenant in the upper floors. “It’s sort of the universal ‘Don’t come any farther’ sign.”

That works for me.

As readers of my Blog know, my absolute favorite book is Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary which includes that GREAT definition:

“GRAPESHOT, n. An argument which the future is preparing in answer to the demands of American Socialism.”