Occupy People

You have seen the Occupy Wherever people.

Would you hire them? Do you want them meeting with your clients? Representing your product? Interacting with your staff?

No, I didn’t think so

Which is not to say that the original “Occupiers” don’t have some legitimate gripes in equity, if not in law. Their complaint that people were defrauded by some Wall Street and some banks may be correct, but unfortunately no one can find a law the bastards broke.

Regrettably, those who destroyed the economy continue to be rewarded and that angers the Tea Party and me just as much as it does the Occupy Wherever group, but most of us have learned that temper tantrums is simply not the way to address issues.

The decision to take money out of banks (Bank Transfer Day)  is a way to respectfully revolt. I doubt it will have much impact, primarily because the Occupy group doesn’t have much money to transfer but the concept of supporting those who support you is a valid concept. We will see if liberals with money follow the lead. It could.

The problem is that still does not hit those who made the bad decisions. They will simply lay off Bank Tellers to keep margins high!

The other problem is that the protection for “speech” has been expanded to Crucifies in Urine, and chocolate covered nude bodies. Our Forefathers understood what “speech” meant – but the Supreme Court in their infinite reasoning says actions can also be speech – so why not camping in public parks as speech?

And now you see why defining actions as speech was a slippery slope that means you can do just about anything and contend that it is covered by the First Amendment.

Defining black as white does not make it so.

The expansion of the Commerce Clause to cover not just economic transactions across state borders, but economic transfers within borders – and with Obamacare, non-economic transfer and refusing to do economic transfers as well – there seems to be no end to the madness.

But to get back to the Occupy People…

It’s not the message, it’s the medium.

Few would argue that Wall Street and the financial industry were complicit with several Washington administrations to completely mess up an economy.

But exactly how setting up a small, unsanitary village on public land, occupied by people you would not invite to dinner or hire to represent your company or your product solves the economic problem is highly questionable.

If the answer is that it draws attention, then it could have been done more easily by five nude people walking the sidewalk, carrying signs.