“…then the law is an ass…”

The term “free speech” is a term used by our Founders, who wrote a document – the Constitution – in plain English that every man could read and understand.

:Speech” is a human activity utilizing the vocal chords, but leave it to lawyers and judges to corrupt a simple construct that everyone understood and even today understands, and the lawyers and judges interpret “speech” to include “activities.”

So, “speech” becomes demonstrations, and flag burning, and crufixes in jars of urine, and chocolate-covered nude bodies…none of which any sane person would call “speech.”

Now we must await another judge to tell us which activities are protected activities, and which are not – but every person inherently knows that none of them are “speech.”

A corruption of the language by lawyers, leading one to complain in the words of Mr. Bumble in Chares Dickens’ Oliver Twist, “If the law supposes that, then the law is an ass…”

Exactly so.