Cain, Paterno, et al

So far the Cain incidents involve no sex.

I am not a Cain supporter, my preference is and has been Romney, but considering the actual sexual activities of Bill Clinton, Spitzer, and a host of others, the public information I have heard is minimal, insofar as actions are concerned.

That said, there is a parallel between Cain and Paterno.

There is an isolation that inhibits powerful people from recognizing that there are public expectations outside of their own minds. I have personally seen a CEO of a Fortune 500 company treat the corporation as a personal fiefdom, and I think it is in some cases – most cases there is a tendency for people in power and influence to believe that the laws for mere ortals do not apply to them.

You don’t think that the personal isolation from society didn’t play a role in the Bishop/Priest sexual misconduct? Of course it did, and to their everlasting shame that largely got away with it.

Cain, Paterno, Bishops/Priests and many others, Congressmen in general, think the rules are not for them. All surround themselves with people whose salaries depend upon currying favor, and are unlikey to say anything negative..

Paterno has been on the sidelines of the Penn State football team since I was a senior in HIGH SCHOOL! 1950. He was tied with the fantastic Alonzo Stagg for games as a coach, 548 and he wanted to finish off the season and retire at his own schedule.

(It is a statement about our society knows the names of all football coaches more than it knows the names of the presidents of the university — and the fact is that the Penn State president was fired last night and no one cares or knows his name, There were no protests or riots in his support!)

The Cain campaign is no different from any campaign and indeed the Paterno campaign to remain, it will insulate and protect the candidate. If Cain is guilty it will do no good unless he can quickly change his name to Bill Clinton.