A Plea For a Positive Leader

There is a slight movement in the economy – if you look at the right sectors. The electronic sector is advancing – primarily on the sale of the iPHONE – and the auto market is pretty strong. Overall, the entire electronic sector is reasonably strong, with only desktop computers dropping as tablets surge. The new Kindle Fire is a wildcard, and may presage a new, lower-priced tablet market.

I see a lot of smartphones, and a lot of new cars.

The housing market is still lagging the issue, and in some regards the lack of real estate market movement frees up some of the money available for smartphones and automobiles.

The housing market is languishing but housing is a bit of a strange market anyway – it depends upon wants not needs. Most people have housing, so they may WANT to buy a new home but they don’t need to buy a new home.  I have closed two homes in the past two weeks and am writing another offer this week, so I have a pretty good view of my local market but obviously I am just a blind man describing an elephant while holding onto the tail, insofar as the national market is concerned. My local view is that there is a market, but it is wholly driven by wants, and is a market of opportunity. Buyers are really picky – and they can be.

There is little question that the car prices are very competitive, as are home po9ces, but that other prices like food and gasoline are high and getting higher, in seasonable adjustable numbers.

Malaise is not too rich a word to use about the economy, with all due respect to Jimmy Carter who thought he knew what that was. This economy will recover, it’s just taking longer than usual, and as usual it will take differing parts of the economy to kick-start the actual recovery.

The Occupy whiners aside, most people will work rather than not work. Jobs are the stabalizing factor in any economy, and jobs are not something that that can easily be impacted by government prodding. Jobs are based on confidence, and right now this nation needs a leader while what we have is a lawyer.

Absent a bright, positive leader the nation could develop its own self-confidence if the population simply thought that the government was competent. It doesn’t.