“Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one” — A.J. Liebling

There is a hue and cry from some about Doug Manchester buying the San Diego Union Tribune – as if it is any of our business who owns the U-T, of Channel 9, or the local movie theatre.

Doug Manchester may be a Saint or a Villain, or neither…and it is still none of our business. We may decide to subscribe, or to read, or not. That is the only imput we have or should have.

The complaints I have heard come mostly from liberals – as if they do not control sufficient media already.

Never in the history of mankind has there been such a wide range of media, some of it “free” to exchange ideas (like the Internet) and even the paid groups offer opinion columns to people who can string together a coherent sentence — and Letters to the Editor for those who strain at lengthy dissertation.

One of the liberals asked “Who is for us?”

“Who is for us” can hardly be asked by those of us who repeatedly comment on the pages of the FREE voiceofsandiego.com (where the question was asked.). My comments yhere number 292, and “Frances” (who asked it) a whopping 535, fryfan (another good iberal voice) a terrific 479 — certainly people are not without a forum to communicate regardless of who owns the U-T.

A. J. Liebling told us that the “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.” Manchester owns one, but he will not be the sole voice heard, regardless.


Jobs Available — If You Are an Engineer

A letter to the editor jogged a memory today – so I thought I would look in the morning North County Times and see if there were any job offerings from the most recognizable employer in the County,  Qualcomm.

Indeed there are Qualcomm jobs advertised– but none of the advertised jobs are for people with degrees in Black or Latino studies. None for Women Studies, either. No advertised jobs at Qualcomm for degrees in Lesbian, Gay, Transgender Studies either.

Qualcomm is hiring multiple people to fill some 13 position descriptions – and almost all of them have the word “Engineer” in them. Some are modified with Senior, some with Staff, many with Programmer and Analyst in them but the common term is “Engineer.”

I understand the problem. In my own family I have a grandchild in college getting a degree in Art.

I understand that it is important to be happy with the work that you choose, but the greatest unhappiness is to be hungry and poor – two traits available for those who choose unwisely in their formative years.

If you pay the price early, when you have the energy to do so – then you get to have security and salve your interests when you have age and a lot less energy.




Cell-Phone Mania Penetrates North Korea

I note that the ubiquitous cell-phone has even penetrated North Korea, where this next year the millionth North Korean will sign onto their 3G system — without Internet access of course.

The average cell-phone costs a NK citizen $350, which is an awful lot for a citizenry that averages $15 a month salary, but in the main city even waitresses have a cell phone.

The 3G system covers 85% of the population but only 15% of the land mass because the cities are where the population lies.

It’s just surprising to me that the regime would let people communicate, ad hoc. I remember being in a Moscow where there was no phone book because their regime said that you should only be able to talk with someone you knew so well that they would give you their phone number!

Good For Smoke!

I don’t follow NASCAR much, because oval racing is not my interest but I am happy to see “Smoke” (Tony Stewart) win the NASCAR championship. He is a tough, relentless competitor with a terrific skill set.

I particularly loved it when Smoke put his drivers’ money where his mouth is and became the owner of the team he races for. Owner/drivers are rare champions because there are a some EXTREMELY rich team owners who simply can outspend everyone.

The sport has not seen a nicer guy as champion as Jimmy Johnson of El Cajon, but for a competitor from the second the car is dropped from the truck, Smoke is it. He is a fierce competitor, with more maturity than Kyle Bush, another great competitor but lacking  more mature restraint.

I always like to see people like Smoke, with relatively little money compared to the established team owners, win. He could put his operation in the men’s bathroom of some of the teams…


I am about fed up with the Occupoopers, so fed up that I think the time has come to simply isolate them.

Withdraw the police and the inspectors. The Occupoopers hate the police, so let them work without them.

People who want to live in filth should be permitted to do so — but not be allowed to spread cholera, TB and other diseases among us. String barbed and concertina wire, and leave them alone but make those wishing to leave get deloused, and have a full physical to insure the general population against disease.

Create a sort of leprosy isolation camp. Let all of the potential Father Damiens who want to minister to them, minister to them with the usual right to leave subject to the same delouse and physical requirements. Their supporters can take as much food as they wish, and clean as many porta-potties as they please. If there is any question about free speech, let them have a cable channel (equipment to be supplied by supporters) on which they can rail against whatever the please, and anyone actually interested can hear them.

Regarding the pepper-sprayed students at college campuses:

It is hard to plead victim when you are mugged at 2 a.m. In a dark alley –what the hell are you doing at 2 a.m. In a dark alley?

The victim hood of students who knew they were breaking the rules, and we’re warned, is at least questionable. The advantage of being a martyr is that you have suffered for the cause, not that you objected to suffering for the cause.

Man Up! Tell those “spectators” that are reportedly shouting  “They’re children! They’re Children” that in fact you are adults, making adult decisions that you are capable of taking responsibility for, not children afraid to take responsibility.

But, of course that is not going to happen. The Occupoopers, whether in town or on the campus want it both ways — adults when it comes to their actions, children when it comes to the reaction.



The SuperCommittee was never going to work – the threat of automatic cutting the budget 10% is useless.

If they wanted the committee to work they should have called for automatic 10% decrease in CongressCritters PAY!

That might have worked. (Personally, I prefer 100%)

A cut in acess by Lobbyists travel into Washington with their suitcases of cash by 10% might have worked.

Threatening to cut the budget in 2013 by 10% when no Congress can obligate a future Congress was so silly that only liberals, or the terminally uninformed (but I repeat myself), could possibly believe.

THE EU Would Not Take California — Debt Is Too High!

The Wall Street Journal suggested that California should join the European Union, but there is no way that Merkel or Cameron would approve that!  Now Sarkozy just might since a big financial European think tank ranks France 13 of the current 17 members.

Sarkozy might want company in the PIGGS+France.

California has no hope of financial recovery, and the education industry which gets 40% or more of all income in the state is mounting a huge effort to keep their part of the pie with all of the pain being shared by someone else. Anyone else!

Well, perhaps not the libraries, but everyone except the schools and the libraries, with both sharing the common cry, “It’s for the children,”

It’s not for the children, it’s for the unionized teachers/librarians, almost six million of them nationally of which 330,000 are in California. That is o huge voting bloc.