The Border War “Goes Deep”

I have apparently missed this item on the evening news, but apparently there was an attack well inside the US by the Los Zetas, Mexico’s most violent cartel.

More than 300 miles from the border, four Mexican citizens of the Los Zetas Cartel killed the driver of an 18 wheeler carrying marijuana while apparently trying to hijack the truck.

What the Zetas did not know is that the dead driver was an informant for our law enforcement who was being followed by law enforcement. When the driver was killed and the truck ran off the road, the surprised US law enforcement moved in and captured the four Los Zetas attackers, and one Sheriff was wounded in the exchange..

Anyone who doesn’t think the battle has not arrived is living in a dream world.



Eurpoean Defense

The threat by the Soviets to target our anti-missile defense in Europe is the ONLY legitimate reason to install it.

Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason that American taxpayers should have to pay for Europe’s missile defense. Europe as a whole has a larger economy than we do, in spite of their problems with their more Socialist economies.

There is no longer any reason for our blood and coin to protect them. somehow, they must be convinced that it is our supplying of their protective shield that frees up their money to provide their HUGE social network.

We can’t afford it, and even if we could we shouldn’t.


Gingrich and Illegal Immigration

I didn’t see the latest Republican debate, but as usual the frontrunner got pummeled. It’s like the Japanese proverb, “The nail that sticks up gets hamered” or something to that effect.

First, Gingrich didn’t hurt himself with me because I didn’t prefer him.

Gingrich offers illegal aliens a pass to the front of the line in immigration, but I prefer to enforce the law

I would support giving illegal alien workers a chance to get a TEMPORARY Green Card, if, and only if their FAMILY returns to their country of origin.

We actually need farm workers and they are a benefit, but we do not need their families who cost us in schools, and emergency rooms, and jails.

If unaccompanied tours are good enough for our military personnel, they are good enough for our immigrant workers.