Re-Examine Priorities

We have spent $2.5 BILLION to send a mission to Mars to examine if the planet has ever had life, and if it can sustain human life,

I favor space exploration at some level, and this simply exceeds my level. It seeks an answer that simply is not worth billions — at THIS time.

I understand scientists wanting the answer to every question, We need answers, jst not ate the rate and the cost that scientists want.

I understand the nations desire to protect Europe, if and wn there is a practical threat to their existence — right now there is none. There is none in sight, and we can deploy rapidly when there is — assuming there is a need for the second largest combined economy (the US) to EVER protect a larger combined economy (Europe).

We need to examine our priorities. They are not the same priorities we had when we were flush with money. Some of those previously high priorities could not be stopped or stored so easily, but the launch of that Mars mission alone must cost a fortune, and the Mars lander can be stored until we are ready.

Yes, it’s hard to store the expertise necessary to do things but when you are out of money you are out of money.

That project was a BILLION dollars over initial estimate, and it took a year longer than predicted – but we knew more than a year ago that we were BROKE. It was last november that the Republicans TROUNCED the Democrats because everyone knows WE ARE BROKE.

This project is water over the bridge, of course, since we have launched – but I wonder what other projects can be delayed until the nation’s health returns to something approaching normalcy.