Quick Hits

Kudos for Mossad for the killing of the Iranian nuclear scientist. That was a classic Mossad adventure. I know that the Iranians think we did it, but there is little chance this administration has the stones to do it.


And a huge thumbs down for Haley Bourbor of Mississippi for his stupid, Schwartzenagger- style last-day pardons of convicted criminals. Two dozen convicted murderers we’re among those pardoned. Apparently Haley has no future political ambition.


it’s Lucy and the football time again. The US and North Korea are talking again about food for nukes or at least food for a cutback in nuke development and proliferation.

Good luck with that!

(Jimmy Carter, call home.)

The US suspended food delivery several years ago when the North Koreans fired off a missile in violation of the agreements. of course by then, the US had already delivered

500,000 tons of much needed food.

Hard to believe we keep falling for Lucy’s trick football.


You have seen those cute little cell phone chargers that use inductive power to charge a cell phone just laid upon them, without the need to plug them in?


Well, that trick will soon be trumped, big time. How about an inductive charger that can charge your cell phone while it is still in your purse or pocket, at home or in the car?

I have not bought even the first inductive pad, but they intrigue me because I plug and unplug my iPHONE.and iPAD so often that I fray a lot of cables, so the inductive pad that can actually work remotely is exciting.

In still another inductive announcement, QualComm has announced an inductive system to charge an electric car in an outfitted garage, without being tethered.

It’s a new world out there!.


One read I never miss is The Daily, an iPad only generated newspaper, owned by Fox an Apple…well, Verizon will soon make it available to selected Android devices. That is good news because The Daily is a good read, and view because it has audio and video imbedded. It deserves wider distribution. It, and locally the voiceofsandiego.com, are the future of newspaper publishing.


Supremes Get One Right

The Supreme Court has granted an exemption to Churches for some as yet undefined hiring and firing discrimination charges. It was a unanimous decision, which is as it should have been.

In effect the ruling moved the existing Ministerial Exemption from the pulpit to include religious schools. How far no one knows because this was a narrowly drawn decision about a single person, but it is nevertheless important because it slapped down the Rev. Lynn, a constant crusader for separation of church and state. Even as an Atheist I think there is a mis- reading of the First Amendment, and that Rev. Lynn is a meddlesome fool!

A slight move in the right direction, but ever so slight and was only based on the separation of church and state. I think it is just common sense that Catholics should be able to hire Catholics to teach church doctrine if that is what they wish, but then I don’t believe in discrimination laws at all.

This case is so convoluted, that it hinged on who was teaching what (secular or religious) and for how long. The real problem is that this decision is a discussion of how many Angels can dance on the head of a pin, and as Justice Roberts said: This case…cannot be be solved with a stopwatch.”

that is the problem with ever permitting “discrimination” to be discussed in a Court of Law. Discrimination is all about intent and minutia.


I think that Swedes should be able to hire/fire only Swedes — or not-  and left-handed people only hire/fire left- handed people. Or not.

When I go to a Chinese Restaurant, I expect to see Chinese waiters. I want to see Chinese, or at least Asians in the kitchen. Seeing a Black cook at a Chinese eatery would cause me cognitive dissonance — as would a Chinese cook in the kitchen of a Bar-B-Q eatery.

It is that old argument between liberty and equality — and I tend to be constantly on the side of liberty.

So, I believe that a restaurant should be able to discriminate for, or against smokers, and since I detest the smell of cigarette smoke I know what eateries I will frequent — and obviously I believe that a Catholic hospital should be able to refuse to perform abortions, although I personally believe in a woman’s right to make that decision absent a fetal cognitive brain wave.

We discriminate every day in the friends we keep, the gas stations we frequent, the radio stations we listen to — and in doing so we help some people and injure others (personally or financially) because we discriminate.

The Supreme Court decision is only a partial victory for liberty. Should Methodists be able to discriminate and not hire me as an avowed Atheist, lead prayer at their Methodist Retirement Home? Absolutely. Duh!

We will see if the Supreme Court continues to distill this “exemption.”  Rationality would dictate that eventually there would be many more “exemptions” to the point where, like the ObamaCare “exemptions,” the whole point becomes moot.

One of the “Good Guys”

No, this is not going to turn into the Richard Rider Show, although most of you would be far better informed if it did – however this clip of Richard on Ch. 6 shows that he does his homework.


You probably do not remember it, but Richard sued the State of California over what he perceived as an illegal tax a number of years ago, won, and saved the California taxpayers more than a BILLION dollars.

That billion dollars was as of a few years ago, and that number continues to grow…