Groupon Gets a Bad Review

Now that my ire has subsided, let me tell you about my bad experience with Groupon.

I told my readers about the great deal before Christmas – a normally $399 iPHONE oriented Pioneer amplifier and speaker desk Hi-Fi for $199.

I hope you ordered it and got it. I ordered it and did not get it although it was approved at every step. Something went wrong at the fulfillment end, and although I got my money back I did not get my Christmas present. What I got was a lot time spent on the phone and by e-mail, and a lot of apologies, but apologies do not play the Modern Jazz Quartet.

I still get daily ads from Groupon daily telling me about great deals, and obviously someone, somewhere is getting a good deal, but I am reluctant to click on a second advertised good deal.

Once burned, twice shy.

Groupon has many competitors in local advertised specials, including the U-T, the NC Times, and LivingSocial. While Groupon is by far the largest national coupon specialist, Amazon and others are getting into the mix.

“Someone else” is more likely to get my money.


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