Stepping Over the Line

Sgt. Gary Stein is going to be discharged from the Marine Corps.


We cannot have military where members trash their Commanding Officer in public.


Every member of the military understands the limits of their ability to trash any senior officer, much less the ultimate Commander- in-Chief.

It is easy to disagree with POLICY with impunity. In civilian clothes. I often gave speeches opposing the Draft, and the then President’s (LBJ) budget choices, and, although I was reported to the White House and investigated by the Navy Inspector General, it was determined that I was within my First Amendment rights.

Sgt. Stein went WAY beyond the line. He personalized his attack on the Commander – in – Chief, and first said he would not obey orders from the current president.

That is not a choice that a Marine Sergeant or an Five Star Army General, gets to make.

Ask General Douglas MacArthur.

Quick Hits — Technology

I have found the organizational tool I need on the iPAD.

I have tried at least a dozen tools, but Corkulous works best for me. It is a giant virtual “cork board” on which I can “stick” (and easily rearrange) photos, 3×5 card notes, and instant access to the information on contacts from my contact list on projects I am working on.

I can make  notes of various sizes, shapes, colors, and attach instant, colored arrows for emphasis. I can instantly blow up photos for display, or e-mail them.

You can actually have separate cork boards for separate projects, but I find that one giant board works for me right now, and I can aggregate information into one of the corners if the board gets confusing.

It is my “go to” app for my business.


Sharp has converted one of its plants to produce IGZO low-power screens for mobile devices. These screens use much less power than existing screens, and we’re rumored to be ready for the latest iPHONE and IPAD, but could not meet the schedule.

It should be ready for the next generation, but Apple is very closed mouth. As usual.


Pew Research says that the % of people in the US on the internet has not appreciably changed in the past few years — stuck at about 80%.

The new joiners are primarily on mobile smartphones, while those not using the Internet are primarily in households with elderly people, income under $30,000, and Spanish-speaking households.

Surely We Have More Important Issues

Article in the Daily about a 73 year old “grandma” who was the head of a marijuana distribution network servicing four states. The feds discovered four pounds of MJ, and $273,000 in cash in her farmhouse, plus the requisite guns.

This seems like a more important item to fall under the Constitutional Interstate Commerce Clause than requiring Everyone to buy a private product, insurance.

Legalize it, regulate it under the Commerce Clause, and tax it. Penalize those who drive intoxicated by alcohol or weed for their dangerous behavior to others.

We Are Neither Feared Nor Loved

One has to wonder how many times the Obama administration can conned by nations whose credibility has been proven awful for so very long.

It was just February that the administration announced a successful negotiation with the North Koreans — we would provide thousands tons of much-needed food, and the NK would not launch missiles or continue their nuclear mischief.

Today, we are told that the UN will again be pressed for more sanctions in view of the NK rocket launch. As if we can do anything to the NK with China being their protector.

I can only hope for a massive popular US reaction to acknowledging the utter failure — a VERY expensive failure. —¬† of the UN.

But that is not ant greater failure than the Lucy/football style failure of US foreign policy in NK, Syria, Iran, as well as at the UN.

We have lost our military dominance, our economic dominance, our educational dominance.

We are neither feared, nor loved. We are becoming irrelevant, except as a source of goods to be plundered.

That pleases liberals everywhere because it is not just wealth they want redistributed, it is power. Liberals have always thought that by our very size, economically and militarily, we have too much intimidating power.

They have certainly succeeded in solving THAT “problem.”