One Man One Vote is STUPID!

There are questions about whether photo ID should be shown at the polling place, but I have a more involved question about who should be voting. At all.

I question whether those who do not participate with their taxes in funding the country should vote.

I don’t believe so, personally. There are about 47% who have no skin in the game, but we could give them the opportunity.

I don’t know…a minimum tax rate, (10%?) to keep “skin in the game?” Stopping that insane, “one man one vote” thingie — which we even abandoned in the UN with a Security Council and a GENERAL Assembly because neither people nor nations are “equal.”

Our Forefathers “differentiated” between producers and non- producers by ownership of “property” but we have more sophisticated methodologies available today.

Personally, I prefer “corporate voting” — weighted votes based on monetary contributions to run the country through taxes, but I can say that egalitarian voting does not work when 47% not only pay zero, but actually get a tax refund from taxes they never paid!

I have told the story before of my opposition to a library bond in Vallejo, California. I ran the opposition, not because I did not believe in libraries, in those pre-internet days I did believe I libraries, but because the plan called for a four story glass west-facing wall. I could see that wall would have to be immediately draped at great cost, or the heating and air-conditioning costs would eat the taxpayers out of house and home.

I got a rude awakening about politics when the proponents of the library flooded the low-income areas of the city with a flyer, advising the residents to vote for the bond – because it would not cost them a cent! They were right.

But that showed me where we go wrong. We have too many whose vote is to get things they do not have to pay for, voting money out of other people’s pocket.