Culture of Corruption Redux

The term “Culture of Corruption” was made famous in 2002, when Republicans Jack Abramoff and Congressman Ney were indicted.

That famous phrase is coming to the fore again in Washington, with Fast and Furious, Solyndra, GSA, and now, Colombiagate.

I think Colombiagate is a minor pimple, but when added to actual fraud and abuse, it does not help this administration. In fact it adds to the growing belief that this administration, if not venal, is incompetent.

Clinton proved that the people will accept venality if the president is competent.

One thing for certain, no one is in charge when the administration, fearing of a November political defeat is already in full campaign swing. Even Cabinet Members are girding for the campaign trail, and that leaves nobody I charge.

The House and Senate are in full investigative mode, and every day it makes the administration look progressively worse. The polls show a dead heat, and if history hold the “undecided” will break for the challenger in the race.

The president has the poll numbers before we do, so his advisors cannot keep the bad news from him and he has already begun his campaign. Unfortunately for him, the more he campaigns, and the greater the corruption grows, the people will ask “who is in charge.”

The president should have known he was in corruption trouble from the very start, when he appointed a tax cheat as an economic advisor, and promptly broke his pledge not to bring lobbyists into positions of power in the White House.

Corruption happens in every administration, but if you start off on the wrong foot, it is going to get a lot worse.

(It did!)

Union Death Wish

This is like a police man arguing that if we did away with rape laws and therefore arrests, it would free him up to counsel those given to misbehaving. I tell you, liberals would do away with high school football scores if they could — and that is why the liberal teachers do not like themselves being evaluated

Hostess, the company that makes Hostess cookies. Wonder Bread, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs (and more importantly, Twinkies) is in bankruptcy.

They have HUGE payroll costs, retirement benefits and outdated union work rules — all negotiated in the “good times.”. It is asking a New York federal judge to tear up the previously negotiated contracts, and permit Hostess to outsource things like delivery.

The union says, if the judge does this, the union will strike – but if the judge does not do that the company will go into default and all assets will be sold off.

Unions have a death-wish, and they want to take as many with them as possible.

(Think, “Eastern Airlines.”)

Get Rid of Fraud Before Raising Taxes!

Can you believe the chutzpah of that woman who won $1 million in a lottery (she took $500,000+ cash, after taxes), but continued to take the food stamps and free medical care she had been eligible for previously?

Talk about the poster child for an Entitlement Society!

She said, in her defense that she had bills what with two homes, and bills! That begs the question, how does someone with two homes think they deserve food stamps?

Anyway, her state took her to court and that is on- going. Considering her TV admissions it is hard to see how she won’t get convicted for not notifying the state of her earnings.

But she is not the problem — her attitude is the problem. It is widespread. There is so much welfare fraud, workers comp fraud, insurance fraud…it just goes on and on.

Can ANYONE explain how California, with 12% of the US population, can possibly have MORE THAN 30% of the nation’s welfare cases?