Big Whoop!

In view of the Supreme Court arguments today on the Arizona law 1070, there is much high-fiving about the self-deportation of 1% of the existing illegal population.

When you already have 11 million to 20 million already here, small and temporary advances or retreats is immaterial to the problem.

Adding or taking teacups from an ocean is unworthy of an article.

Our problem is NOT illegal alien workers, it is illegal alien FAMILIES!

Illegal alien workers do not join gangs, overfill schools with non-English speaking students that diminish education for all children; or fill the waiting rooms of Emergency Rooms!

It is illegal alien families that are the burden.

Offer Green Cards to all of the workers who are willing to send their FAMILIES home, and we can solve many problems in just months without massive police action.

If our troops can serve overseas without their families, so can our immigrant laborers.

Someone Needs to Study…

The Blogs are full of comments about White on Black crime, and Black on White crime – and the statistics that show Blacks incarcerated more and whether that constitutes “racism.’

As an adjunct, a recent story said Blacks were disciplined more in schools than were whites.

Here is my view: Cultures sometimes just have crazy times. The insanity that gripped Japan  in WWII was fully dissipated by the time this young sailor arrived in Japan in 1951.

Germans, seem to get a recurring itch to militarize and act out.

In my early youth, I was cared for by a Black woman in a totally Black part of Montgomery, Alabama for weeks on end while my Mother was working in Georgia.  I was a single white child among tens of thousands of Blacks without a single problem. The Black community at that time was as law-abiding as a church picnic.  Poor, yes. Badly treated, yes. Lawless, absolutely not.

What causes cultures (regardless or race or ethnicity) to periodically go bonkers, or recover is beyond my comprehension but I have witnessed  and experienced it in both directions.  A great liberal politician and thinker, the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan probably described it best.

So far.