Something For Very Little

The president is hitting the college campus hard, because young people are the Democrat’s natural constituency.

Young people grow up in familial socialism, everything is free and there is no need for them to work for it. That continues well past college, but it is obvious in college with the current Occupy Wherever call for “free” college tuition and forgiveness of college loans.

The president can’t do that — college loans are currently a greater debt load than all of the credit cards  of the nation combined, but he is trying every day on a college campus to tell the Young (Familial) Socialists that he has their back.

Like Clinton, he feels their pain and will do what he can to ease the load they voluntarily signed up for. The Obama administration does not believe in contract, and it does not believe in investment for a youth’s future — it believes in giving them, if not something for nothing, at least something for very little.

Of course, every able-bodied youth can always get a free, excellent — “Top Five”  — education on the taxpayers. All they have to do is go the a Service Academy! Yes, they must then serve a few years in the military, but for that they will also get paid, and get to travel.

It is a win-win.

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  1. Why has the cost of college tuition risen at over twice inflation rate? The federal student loan program has a lot to do with it. . . . Reminds me of what Harry Browne used to say: “The government breaks your legs and then gives you a pair of crutches.”

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