Journalistic Malpractice

The Los Angeles Times just committed Journalistic Malpractice — but hardly worse than most California newspapers.

Let’s just stick with the LA Times, because it is ( supposedly) the state’s “newspaper of record.”

In this case, may I remark upon a LA Times article about the latest National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test, in which the article says that the latest test showed a two point gain in California student’s “science” (8th Grade) scores over the last similar NAEP science test in 2009.

The article also tries to place the two gained points in perspective by noting that it raised the California grade from 150 to 152, with 300 being a perfect score.

The headline says “Science report card for eighth-graders: Not an F, but hardly an A+”

152 correct out of 300 is NOT an “F?”

In what universe?

But even worse, nowhere in the article does the proper information appear that would put the score in perspective.

Let me try: A 152 score places California students in 47th place among the states and the District of Columbia. California thus stands tied with Hawaii, and ahead of ONLY Mississippi, Alabama, and the District of Columbia!

Now THAT is perspective!


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  1. Well stated, Allen.

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