A REALLY Important Vote!

No election this year (prior to the General Election) has the national impact of the vote to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. It is about three weeks away.

Walker, you may recall, tweaked the nose of the government union workers when he took office by limiting their collective bargaining power …so much so that the Democrats in the legislature fled the state and hid in motels across the Wisconsin border to stall a vote.

That incident, which failed to derail the Walker reforms, generated a full-court press by the national unions to vow revenge, and ever since then the unions have roiled the Capitol with both in-state and out of state protestors.


And, they have vowed to recall Walker. They have gathered bus loads of union workers from around the nation. Ed Shultz, the least influential public figure according to GQ Magazine, encamped in Wisconsin for MSNBC and personally tried to incite public opinion for the government union cause and against Walker.

It has become a proxy fight, for and against government unions, and as we come down to the recall election the LA Times reports that two major Wisconsin polls have Walker ahead at this point. The Marquette University poll actually has Walker up by six points.

That would be a major blow to liberals, and the likelihood seems better daily as the subject–once a staple nightly on every MSNBC program, now is a subject seldom discussed.

“Victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is an orphan.” (Attributed to JFK, but disputed.)


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