I Saw It On The TV

The controversy over the Romney statement about 47% of the people being part of the entitlement society is absolutely correct.

There are almost as many people riding in the cart as there are people pulling the cart these days, and the people who are riding in the cart are complaining because the seats are too hard and not large enough.

(Here is the kicker: Back in 1960 the LOWEST Income Tax was 20% and that was from $1 to $2,000 ($15,000 in today’s dollars.) Back in 1960 I had just graduated from that tax bracket where I was paying that rate but I was not eating dog food!  How is it that the lowest paid can no longer afford to pay their own way and in fact receive the badly mis-named “Earned Income Tax Credit?)

In one on-line poll I saw the question was “Do you agree with Romney on the 47%?”

That is not the question because whether you agree with him or not, that is the number. The facts don’t change just because 33% disagree with Romney on the facts.

Meanwhile a 1998 audiotape has also service surface in which then Barack Obama said “I actually believed in redistribution”.

Not that we didn’t know that he believed in redistribution, but he is saying for many months now that he doesn’t believe in redistribution, and here is a tape where he says he does.

I find that a lot more damning, but I doubt the “in the tank” media will see it that way.

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