New Math

Well, Sandy is over, although the disastrous results will last a long time to the impacted residents – and it makes me happy I live in San Diego.

As Winter approaches, I will even be more smug, but then I think about the potholes, and the taxes and the general stupidity of the California government and it takes the edge off my frivolity.

The national election looks like a horse race, actually two horse races with the popular vote and the Electoral College Vote – only one of which counts. In this race the results could even be spit results, because Romney’s popular vote closing rate is faster than his Electoral College closing rate.

Even if Obama wins, it will be FAR too close for him to call it a mandate, and the Republicans are unlikely to lose the House and stand a 50/50 chance of winning the Senate. Under the Worst Case Scenario, with Republicans losing both the Presidency and the Senate, the semi-quasi-pseudo Socialism of Obama will be thwarted, so there is no way to not be satisfied with the results.

Of course we all hope for the Best Case Scenario with a sweep for the Republicans, but that is too much to hope for.

Obama did not stop the seas from rising, nor did he begin to cool the earth, so I would suppose that even if he wins he probably has a more realistic view of his power. Many disaffected Democrats think he may well want to lose,because his high-living future is secure without all the strain of governing.

If Romney wins, we will only slow the inexorable march toward Socialism. I support him but I have no illusions that he is a “conservative” except in the fiscal sense and that is what I want. He is a big government man, I have no doubt. Government grew under Ronald Reagan, so it is always a question of how much.

Here in California, our Governor, “Moonbeam” Brown has “slashed” the budget (his words), but the budget is mysteriously larger than last year. This sort of economic nonsense permeates “political think” – which has no relationship to numbers as I understand them. I have worked in the binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal systems, and in none of them can you make reductions and end up with a larger number, so Brown (and all others in the political system) operate in a completely unknown math system.

See-Through TV

The hurricane on the East Coast was a true disaster, exacerbated by the use of basements there, and I don’t want to make light of it by any means but I do want to comment on the news reporting of it.

I watched the CNN report Monday from The Battery in New York, and the reporter was being videotaped gasping into the microphone, bracing against the driving rain with the ocean behind him. It looked like he would be blown away at any second – then several people in shorts and T-shirts walked by, followed by several young people riding bicycles just like it was a light rain and no wind at all.

Today on CNN I was watching a young woman standing in water with a flooded street behind her, and she exclaimed that if she moved just a few feet she would be chest-deep in water, when suddenly a flat-bottomed police boat came into view – but it was not paddled by the rescue people – it was being pushed and guided by a rescue team ankle deep in the water. If they had been in the boat their weight would have bottomed out the boat on the roadbed!

There was no place on the street with more than six inches of water. No one was in any danger except people with medical problems.

There were real problems caused by Sandy, but the TV crews were not there – they were in far less dangerous places while pretending to be in the more dangerous places.

It’s pretty hard to pull off when the audience can see through it.

We Get The Government We Deserve

i don’t usually cite anything as a ‘Must Read’ but this is a MUST READ!

the article is the short bios of the 20 ‘crappiest” candidates on the November ballot, some Democrats, some Republicans, some Independents, all as strange and bizarre as any collection of boobs as you can find anywhere and many are national names.

Enough!   Read it for yourself.


I Thought The Auto Bailout Had Saved Detroit

In Detroit there is a medical emergency caused by the economic problems besetting the city, and one of the reflections of that is that emergency medical response time has increased to 16 minutes. In the “good old days in Detroit, it was eight minutes.)

Both numbers are unacceptable numbers.

(Here, I thought the “auto bailout” had saved Detroit!)

As I have noted before, and often, response time is a farce, since it only measures “wheels roll to wheels stop.” It ignores communication time, dressing time, engine warm, and getting out of the vehicle and into the residence.

The entire Fire/Paramedic situation must be reformed, because even the eight minute response time is far too late for a heart attack — the medical number is four minutes. More than four minutes, just bring a white sheet!

Instead of a Paramedic on a motorcycle, we send three or four people in a lumbering, tank-like device plus a two-person ambulance  The entire process is bizarre.

In my area, like most, about 95% of all responses are medical not fire, and yet in bankrupt San Bernardino, California the AVERAGE “Fireman” earns nearly $150,000, and in nearby Oceanside the AVERAGE “Fireman” makes $120,000.

(The average California “Fireman” – who spends precious little time fighting fires, makes  more than the Commanding Officer of a US Nuclear Submarine!)

BTW, fighting fires does not even fall in the top 10 of the nation’s most dangerous professions.

A Very Close Election, And Both Sides Deflect

If anyone wants to know why I am not a registered Republican, simply listen to a Republican candidate in Indiana (Richard Mourdoch):

“I know that there are some who disagree and I respect their point of view but I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception I have to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. I struggled with it myself for a long time but I came to realize that life is a gift from God, and I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something God intended to happen.”

Consider, for a second, not just the intemperate political utterance, but the level of basic insanity that statement represents.

As I have often noted, what the Democrats say about Republicans is often absolutely correct – and visa versa I might add.

Democrats say that Republicans are overly religious, and anti-science.

There is no indication that the policies of the Republican Party are that extreme, but certainly individuals and certain state legislative groups within the Republican Party ARE overly religious. State legislatures DID try to install transvaginal ultrasound for women seeking abortions in Alabama, Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, each of which was diverted (narrowly) for national political reasons.

Like Akins before him, both the Republican Party and, very likely the voters will end the political careers of these idiots, but not before Republicans in general become collateral damage, and in a close national political presidential race where every vote actually does count – except in California and New York – Republicans cannot sustain many such visible self-inflicted wounds.

On the Sunday talk shows, the Republicans all wanted to talk about Benghazi and the Democrats deflecting all questions until there is some future investigation (read “after the election”), and all the Democrats wanted to talk about is women’s issues as reflected by Mourdoch and Akins, and all Republicans deflected that as a non-issue.

In truth, the people want to hear a discussion of both issues!

If the Republicans  lose this national presidential election narrowly, their wounds will be self-inflicted.

I Simply Do Not Understand The French

You have to wonder about the French mentality.

The French government (actually, the German government also) wants to tax Google Search because Google carries French businesses in their search.

So, Google says if you tax us for providing a free service to the French people, we simply will not carry any French websites in Google Search, and the French government says that Google is “threatening” them.

“French Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti told a parliamentary commission this week that she was in favour of the idea, calling it “a tool that it seems important to me to develop”.

She said she was surprised by the tone of Google’s letter.

“You don’t deal with a democratically-elected government with threats,” Filippetti told AFP on Thursday.”

Leaving and no longer providing a free service is somehow “threatening” the French government? You can see why we DON’T want to be more like Europe, which is what liberals want us to be.

i have trouble even comprehending the French concept.

Government Compulsion is Really Bad, Even in Good Service

Think, if you will, of the term “Compulsory Education” and what that means…it means the only legal slavery still on the books since the 13th Amendment and the final use of the “draft” (“Compulsory Military Service”) after Vietnam , and along with this use of compulsion, comes now tracking.

Yes, a Texas school has decided to track students on-campus by the use of necklace worn cards with imbedded chips. Is this a crime-ridden school, or is there some overriding reason. No, it’s because they can

However useful to the individual and society that education may be, or the protection of the nation for that may be, the use of government force (compulsion) is always questionable.

Readers of this blog know that I am, if anything, overly concerned with education, but I am equally concerned about liberty. Anyone who is required by government to go to a required place, dressed as a government person requires, eat specific food required by the government, read only from government books, go from place to place during the day as required by government etc. has lost A LOT OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY!

I understand that many of my readers will disagree. I understand that they will say, “Education is different.”

That reminds me of a day back in 1964 when I was the speaker at a John Birch meeting on the subject of economics, but before I spoke they repeated the motto of the John Birch Society, “Less government. More individual responsibility!” Sounded good to me.

Then they had a discussion of a bill in Sacramento to ban certain books in high school, and even certain words in school dictionaries in school libraries — support of which Sacramento bills they unanimously supported.

When the time came for me to speak, I repeated their slogan, “Less Government, More Individual Responsibility ” and they all cheered.

I then asked, “Is banning books and words in schools through State legislation “less government, more individual responsibility?” — or is that “more government, and less individual responsibility?”

Almost in chorus they replied, “That’s different!”

When we want something, and are invested in something, we tend to find reasons to support what we want. It’s called “Rationalization.”

And, because we think of government schools as what we have, we don’t even think of them as government schools.

Now, combine the word “government” with that term “Compulsory Education” and see where that concept takes you, if you believe in liberty.

Do the ends justify the means?




A Very Wet, Dry Run

There is, or rather was, a munitions factory in the Sudan that was both manufacturing munitions for Hamas, and transshipping those munitions.

It disappeared in a series of explosions, apparently from a brilliantly executed airstrike from Israel.

That is not as important in and of itself, but it is worth noting that the site is approximately the same range as the Iranian nuclear plants, demonstrating the Israeli air force ability to project power and return to base from that distance.

Both a wet and dry run, I would think.

A Four Point Stall

There is  a push by the media to overlook the Benghazi situation by the Main Stream Media, and an equal push by Fox News and conservative radio to push the issue.

The Obama administration wants to pull a Fast and Furious, and delay any investigation until after the election, while people on the ground during the attack are unwilling to let this wait that long.

In plain English, they were scared, lost friends, and are angry.  Really angry, so they have gone to a sympathetic ear at Fox News and have told the story that has been spiked by the administration, and been purposely overlooked by the general media who know what happened but do not wish to embarrass the administration.

By their silence they consent to the coverup —  the same media that trumpeted Watergate, a coverup of a burglary, but in this instance FOUR brave men died.

Worse, they died fighting but while asking for backup that never came.

Shades of the US Pueblo (AGER-2) which also had communication, asked for help and it didn’t come, and the USS Liberty before that.

Those the people in Benghazi who were protected long enough for evacuation, are the ones spilling the beans after SIX WEEKS of official deny and delay. those evacuated know that audio and video exist, and that no one outside the administration has heard them — and probably wont until after the election.

if the administration can stall just 10 more days, they will have a success in their “Four Point Stall,” but SOME major news outlet or major news anchor may decide to play Woodward and Bernstein and break the news on national TV before the news breaks elsewhere.

Make no mistake, Fox, WSJ, and talk radio have huge audiences, but it is the same audience and it is not necessarily the independent audience.

The story told just as we now know it, told on the networks nightly news would be huge — just don’t bet on that happening, although the news business is a competitive business and someone may break away just out of fear someone else will beat them to it.

Quick Hits

Hidden amongst the Apple announcements was a “new” iPad, whose main accomplishment is a chip twice as fast as the last iPad, which came out seven months ago!

Seven Months!

We are rapidly approaching what became known in sports car racing circles back in the 60s, as “The Car of the Month Club” because new versions of Formula Junior were literally being announced monthly, primarily by Lotus. If you had last month’s car, you were instantly outclassed on the track!

This new iPad “maxi” (as opposed to the Mini) is the answer to a question no one asked: “When is a faster iPad coming?” The old iPad is satisfactorily fast, and the new one will require the new charging systems, and speaker systems.

(I avoided the connector/speaker problem by buying a Bose Bluetooth speaker, and Jawbone has a nice Bluetooth speaker as well.)

Seven months between announced systems is obnoxious.

Even for Apple, whose FanBoys are expected to purchase poop in a white box if Apple calls it iPoop!


For the Chinese Prime Minister, a top Communist, to be revealed as worth $2.7 Billion dollars, and his successor to have already amassed more $350 Million dollars, has caused the Chinese government to shut down not just discussions on blogs but access to the entire Bloomberg website, but now the venerable NY Times has published the story in tomorrows Times.

That gives Chinese censors a greater challenge. Censoring the NY Times is a big step, even in China.


The polls are saying that the national presidential race is tight, but only after trying, unsuccessfully, to build a bandwagon of inevitability for the incumbent.

The nation is about evenly divided on almost everything, including the presidency. It will always be because we have essentially a two party system and if we only had two colors, red and blue, you might find a 50/50 split there, also.


The Federal Salary Commission has come out with their analysis, and I am certain you agree with them that federal workers are UNDERPAID by 35%.

What? You don’t agree? You must be greedy, and a racist also.


The newspaper tells me that both the California proposed tax hikes, theoretically for schools, are failing in the polls.

We can only hope that Californians continue their almost unbroken string of defeating tax increases.


Benghazi is still not the hot item in the Main Stream Media that it should be, but the drip, drip, drip of information continues to look bad for the president. I watch the liberals on a few Blogs, and they have gone from defending the president, to silence.

Of course we who are not Obamanauts cannot understand why Solara et al, Fast and Furious and Benghazi are not sufficient to sink this presidency.


The Voice of San Diego gives a “Mostly True” to a San Diego County Taxpayer Association claim that the San Diego Unified School District Bond Issue will spend $2,500 for each iPad used in schools.

Actually, the first batch of iPads will cost 4,500 each, because these are being bought with the sort of delayed payments made famous by Poway. Capital Appreciation Bonds.) Real creative financing.

The pro-school types say we don’t count the interest when we buy a home, we don’t say we paid “x” plus tons of interest over 30 years, but homes last longer than the loan. The problem with this whole thing is that we should use short-term financing for short-term items.

You would not buy a car and finance it over 40 years, because it is finished long before then.

An iPad is good for only 2 or 3 years, so buying one and financing over 40 years is insane!