California Students Rank With Spain, Below Estonia

Qualitatively, according to a Stanford University study (, California students look BAD.

The California students in Math ranking is summed up as: “Some of the countrys largest and richest states score below the average for the United States as a whole, including New York (30 percent), Missouri (30 percent), Michigan (29 percent), Florida (27 percent), and California (24 percent.” The math rankings in the abridged on-line report do not even show California, so it is ranked below Estonia, Poland, and Kentucky.

In math, this gives you an idea: “The District of Columbia, the nations worst, are at the level achieved in Turkey and Bulgaria, while the one-eighth of our students living in California are similar to those in Slovakia and Spain.”

The study, which I strongly commend to anyone interested in California public schools, examined the Class of 2011 nationally, and using International data from PISA (Program for International Student Assessment), the international standard, places US state rankings on the international scale.

Latinos suffer even worse in California schools, and they rank no better than students in Mexico and about equal to Kazakhstan.

California “education” looks bad. Really, really BAD.

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