Rape in the Military

The subject of rape in the military should be prefaced by a fact: Rape is never, never, never permissible in ANY portion of society, and PARTICULARLY in an organization whose mission should be the protection of the weak, including but not limited to women and children.

On a purely personal level, I break into tears when I see a woman cry, so the very though of harming a woman is so far beyond my understanding, that it exceeds even my complete lack of understanding of vandalism. How can anyone disfigure a beautiful painting, or harm an innocent woman? Or Child? Absolutely beyond me.

That said, when you introduce women into close contact with younger, testosterone driven men, rules bow to nature.

In ages past, armies raped a conquered nations women. In the Bible, Numbers 31, God himself ORDERED Moses to slaughter all the Midianites –men, women and children — except for the virgins, who were to be distributed to the conquering troops and the Priests.

Some 15,000 virgins were given to the conquering military and to the Priests, , according to the Bible. I can only imagine the fate of the virgins.

In more modern times, the Crusades were no better (and ask the German women about their Russian Army occupiers!), and the British Navy –which ruled the waves through long trips at sea, was known for its child rape and male on male rape. The British 1800 saying that referred to sodomy i reported as follows;

“Langworth notes that rum, sodomy and the lash is similar to rum, bum and bacca a catchphrase from an old saying about the, er, pastimes of British sailors, dating back to the 1800s:

Ashore its wine, women and song; aboard its rum, bum and concertina. (Bum = a mans rear end; bacca = tobacco.)”


This has been the basis of the false accusation that Winston Churchill called the history of the British Navy as ““rum, buggery and the lash,” (Sometimes quoted as “rum, sodomy and the lash.”)

Apparently, Churchill said that he never said it, but wish he had.

It is not a shock to anyone that throughout the world, seaports are notorious for being filled with bars and houses of prostitution. As you step off the Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan, the first bar is less than 100 feet away, and it is filled with willing women.( There is a nexus between alcohol and abusing women.)

Sailors, and that is the breed with whom I am most familiar, are notorious women chasers. They have been for thousands of years it is not genetic, but it is cultural and culture is a powerful force.

When you introduce women into that culture, a culture generated over thousands of years as a sexual culture, passing a few laws is not going to change that culture. It is simply different from any business, office culture. (Believe me!)

I cant comment from experience because I never served at sea with women I was on Fast Attack submarines and to this day women are not permitted to serve on Fast Attack submarines. I can only say that the sailors on Fast Attack submarines are highly sexual individuals I have stood several thousand night watches and I KNOW the conversation.

None of this excuses, or even explains rape. I do know that it was not unusual for aircraft carriers with women to have 50% pregnancies. My concern with that is primarily that when women, because of pregnancy cannot carry their load, another sailor mush carry more.

Sex, which regulation simply cannot control among your people in close physical contact for months on end, still does not explain rape.

Nothing does. Anywhere. It is counter to the very purpose of the military, in particular, and until we get back to the protection of women instead of the equality of women, it is going to be a problem.


Let me ask a simple question — one that everyone can correctly answer.

Without any reference to how high the IRS scandal goes, do you believe that the actions to harass conservative, Republican and religious groups was devised, and initiated by liberals or conservatives?


That is correct! It is those very same self-righteous people who accuse conservatives of all sorts of nefarious activities.

We may find that everyone who is disciplined is men, or women —  possibly even transgender. They may be old or young; left or right handed; blond, brown or black hair, perhaps even bald; they may be born north, south or even foreign; they could be high school or college graduates.

They could be any of the above, or any combination.

What we do know, absolutely, is that they are liberals.