Some things Need to Remain Secret

It turns out that the AP is being investigated to discover the source of how the AP found out that the US had “in their control” the bomb made in Yemen?

The answer is, a double agent. That we know. What I did not know until tonight is that the double agent was British.

I find that interesting, because of the previous blog entries I made about the famous WWII double agents, “Garbo” and “ZigZag”

Richard Engle of NBC News is all over the AP case. It is obvious that leaking that information about the Yemen bomb obviously endangered the life of the double agent.

What we do know is that a drone strike killed the maker of the bomb just days after the bomb fell into British hands, and was transferred to a CIA bomb facility in Virginia.

Obviously, getting a double agent into Al-Queda is REALLY tricky business, and being found out would be not instant death, but a slow and lingering death.

I do not know the fate of the British double agent. The NY Times says the double agent was a Saudi spy and he and his family are safe in Saudi Arabia, but the bad news is that even if he escaped he is no longer “operable.”


Many WWII British double agents were not unmasked for more than 50 years after they were safe, much as the “Ghost Army” was protected for equally that long after the war was over.

The war against terror may never be over in anyone’s lifetime now alive, so we may not know what actually went on.

We do not have a need to know EVERYTHING.

Bad Week at Black Rock

Not a good week for the administration in the Washington Post.

The president got four Pinocchios in the WaPo Fact Checker for his continuing claim that he called the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism in his first White House announcement; Sen. Barbara Boxer got three Pinocchios for her claim that the Benghazi attack was the result of a penurious Congress; and Attorney General Eric Holder gets two  Pinocchios for his claim that a U.S Attorney made his own decision in an investigate of Holder in a criminal contempt of Congress.

This last item is somewhat complicated, and legal, so if you want to read further: