Another BIG Problem For The President

The General Cartwright problem has surfaced from simply an NBC exclusive, directly to the evening news broadcasts on NBC, CBS and ABC Friday night, plus the Washington Posts, “Worst Week For award was the General.

So the subject is out in the open, but to what effect? Can the Obama-protecting Eric Holder Justice Department bring this investigation to fruition, when it has stonewalled the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS fiasco, and the lists of investigations grow — but the list of indictments remains zero.

This is not a great formula for success. Yes, President Obama announced that he would find leakers in his administration, and indeed he has been fairly relentless in doing so. Now, assuming that the investigation points to General Cartwright, can President Obama support the indictment of someone who Bob Woodward called “Obama’s favorite General,”

Was the leak designed to help the president in his bid for the second term by demonstrating resolve and toughness, and will the General fall on his sword and take the responsibility to avoid a trial that would demonstrate toughness and resolve? Next, and assuming the worst (that he was put up to the leak, and not acting on his own), would he want to risk a trial?

Too Many Coincidences

Let me describe the problem as I see it: Some liberals, and some libertarians have supported the release of classified material by a self -described conscientious objector in the global fight against terrorism — but what to do when the STUXNET information is leaked to the NY Times by  the once second highest military officer who was, according to Bob Woodward, Obamas favorite General.

 Is one good and one bad? Are both good? Are both bad! (I vote for the latter.)

Now, about President Obama. President Obama has both been RELENTLESS in tracking leakers, and dismissive of a strong pushing for Snowden, saying, “But let me — one last thing because you asked the final question. No, I’m not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker.”

It will be especially interesting to see if the Justice Department presses charges against Obama’s favorite General, even as they have at least filed and said they intend to press charges against Edward Snorden.

And liberals must be meeting in coffee houses around America, to determine how they will treat “Leakers” in general, and Cartwright and Snowden in particular.

Just a brief note on Snowden, Ecuador has ended their treaty on flowers and agricultural products with the US, so that ( they say) they cannot be blackmailed by the US.

This is, of course, a face-saving device since the possibility of the US Congress approving that treaty by Monday, was slim and none. Ecuador is trying to make a virtue out of what is a necessity. There may well be a back channel deal being worked out whereby Ecuador refuses sanctuary, and then some time down the line Ecuador gets the treaty restored — which is a win-win.

This is going to be interesting. General Cartwright is being represented by the former General Counsel of the White House, Greg Craig which would lead to the question: Did President Obama ask that the STUXNET worm story be leaked by his favorite General to his favorite newspaper for political reasons to show he was tough on Iran, before his election to a second term? And now President Obama’s lawyer defends the General?

I am not big on conspiracy, but this is just too many coincidences.

So, Honey, What Did You Do Today?

The answer in the Senate is  —  NOTHING!

The Senate passed a 1,200 page exercise In futility today. Except as political cover, it is meaningless. Senators could just as easily, more easily passed a 1,200 blank page bill and done so months ago without the expelling of so much CO2.

The bill may give Senators something to run on, but I suspect that as it sits and is dissected in the House (and the press), it is going to be more representative of expediency than statesmanship.

 For example, we already know that the Senate bill makes it FAR more economically sensible to hire the newly legalized immigrants (and they will all be legalized on day one), than to hire American citizens. That is because the newly legalized immigrants are not susceptible to employer required healthcare at several thousand dollars a month, while US citizen new hires are required to be covered under Obamacare. As of today, if the bill were law, a business could save tens of thousands of dollars a year for EACH newly legalized immigrant it hires rather than a US citizen. You can hide a lot of “oops” in a 1,200 page, quickly voted-upon bill. (Also, see Obamacare)

The Weekly Standard interviewed five Senators about this inequity, and I Listened to those interviews on KFI — only one said he knew of the problem, and he hoped it would be fixed in the House version. As more and more of these stink bombs are uncovered, and while the Senate passed the bill without reading it there is now time for reflection, the House has zero incentive to quickly act.

It is far more likely that the provisions of the Immigration Bill will be divided into individual bills addressing specific issues, almost none of which will vaguely resemble the specifics of the Senate bill

Why did the Senate bother? Partly it was to get the issue off the table so they can have “done something” and get onto other issues. Partly it was to have a defense in the next election. Partly it was to let the House try to solve the issue and take the heat.

The takeaway is that the Senate bill is dead, wasted a lot of time, and was produced to get the item off the table regardless of the content.


Equal Justice Under the Law

NBC is reporting that a now retired Marine Corps four-star General, James Cartwright, described as a “close Obama advisor,” leaked the information on the STUXNET worm attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

That former high-ranking officer needs to go to jail, without passing go or collecting $200, and I don’t mean one of those white-collar country clubs available to white-collar crime.

Some leaks are designed help someone or hurt someone, some designed to help a program or hurt a program.

IF the Marine General (Ret) is actually the leaker to the NYTimes, it will be a very interesting to see his defense, which is legally immaterial but politically fascinating.

NBC. Is reporting that the Justice Department is considering whether to charge General Cartwright, but I cannot imagine how this administration — ANY administration can charge Snowden and not charge General Cartwright. Just because Cartwright was called “Obama’s favorite General” does not, or should n0t give him a pass.

The ONLY way to stop the sieve that is this administration, is to send people to jail. John Anthony Walker is in jail for life for leaking information to the Russians, and Russia is not our only “enemy.”

Monument To Dems Economic Stupidity

The Washington D.C. City Council, collectively as dumb and as criminal a City Council group as you can find in America (outside San Diego, Chicago, and Detroit), has made what the Washington Post calls a “nod” toward requiring “Big-Box Stores” (read Wal-Mart”) to pay a minimum wage of $12.50 an hour.

The definition of a “Big-Box Store” is any store with 75,000 square feet or more. Initially, the amendment to another bill would have defined eligible businesses as those selling $1 billion in sales or more, but after finding that would include Apple and Nike, and wanting specifically to target non-union Wal-Mart, the City Council settled on the square footage definition.

Wal-Mart, wooed by the City Council to open in Washington, which like in many minority-dominated areas has a lack of stores selling groceries, now finds itself partially on the way to open six stares – only to be hit with a
super minimum wage” requirement.

Two Wal-Mart stores are under construction, but having been sand-bagged by the City Council yesterday, it is certainly questionable if the remaining four will be built. Wal-Mart is not saying anything, yet, but why would they build even if the City Council buries the proposal – the mere suggestion shows their intent, and Wal-Mart could face the proposal once again, when the six stores are in place.

For all Wal-Mart knows, the City Council could demand a $30 super-super-super minimum wage! (Yes, they are that dumb!)

If I were Wal-Mart, I would cease  construction on the existing two stores and leave the partially finished stores as a monument to Democratic Party economic stupidity.

Wal-Mart can afford it.

Can Brother and Sister Now Marry?

I am still trying to digest the Supreme Court rulings this morning, and, as usual it is a mixed bag.

I agree that DOMA was unconstitutional from the get-go – marriage has always been a state issue and the federal government had no right to interfere.

I also agree that all people deserve equal rights under the law  The problem is that marriage, once a religious rite, became a civil and legal issue. That placed marriage a government issue, and eligible for the government to grant – or deny – the ceremony. IF marriage had remained a religious issue, the churches could perform, or refuse to perform, whatever their rules called for.

But – I also agree with Justice Scalia’s pungent dissent, as reported by the National Journal. His remarks about the majority opinion and attitudes is exactly correct, – about which more in due course.

Under the government control of the issue, and this ruling which confers to all individuals, the “right” to marry. Now brothers and sisters can marry, fathers and daughters can marry, sisters and sisters can marry – all of them are currently proscribed by government.


Their rights have been denied. It’s time for them to make the exact same arguments that gays have successfully argued.


Presidential Magic Act

With economic recovery problems, NSA problems, IRS problems, Justice Department problems, Supreme Court decisions…the president gives a speech on…Climate Change?

The respected Pew Foundation did a reality check on the Top 21 issues most concerning Americans, and absolutely last on the list was Climate Change.

I suppose that is because Americans realize that even if there is carbon dioxide global warming, pauperizing the US economy will not have any effect if we can’t get everyone else on board.

(Yes, I know that there has been no earth warming since 1996, but facts do not matter to ideologues.)

So, what does the president do yesterday? He doubles down on Global Whatever. Now, there is hardly a president in recent memory who has put as much CO2 or carbon into the air with his travels, but, it’s “do as I say, not as I do” for this president — although he is just barely ahead of the major Hypocrite, Al Gore.