Good For The First Lady

O,K. I promise not to make any snide remarks about the Obama children being chauffeured to school by the Secret Service.

Make that “many snide remarks.”

But I actually applaud the First Lady for her support for the concept of “walking school bus” where children relatively close to school walk together under the watchful eyes of a chaperone.

Her emphasis is for fitness, and mine is for economy. I just think it is stupid to ride a bus to school and then have to go to expensive school gyms to burn off all of the energy you saved by riding the bus!

I have commented before about my run-in with the suggestion that I buy my wife a lifetime membership to the then famous Vic Tanny Gyms. I gently explained to my wife: Let’s see. We have a vacuum cleaner, a car with an automatic transmission, a washing machine…and now we have saved so many calories that we must spend even more money to join a gym to expend all the calories we spent money to save? That appears insane on its face”

Today, we have a remote control, no, make that four remote controls, plus a housekeeper and a gardener. (Make that two gardeners.)

But no gym membership. We power walk half an hour, four days a week and turned a bedroom into a home gym.

I understand that there are urban neighborhoods where no one should walk without a police escort, and there are schools too far for even a bicycle, but those situations are not everywhere, and the First Lady has a point.

Perhaps we could get the Secret Service to stop carrying the president’s children into the building.

Just kidding.