Filner Picked on the WRONG Woman

Well we now have the first face to put with the Filthy Filner sex scandal, and, interestingly, and it is another Progressive and former supporter.

She is also a former journalist with the San Diego Union Tribune, so she is well known in the media, has served as a media spokeswoman that gives her immediate credibility with the press. Talk about picking on the exact wrong person to hit on!

(It also demonstrates, as if we did not already know it, the symbiotic relationship between the press and government.)

With an acknowledgement that Progressives are the ones who have brought this Progressive to task for his actions, even Progressives must admit that it is other Progressives who provide the support that lets Filner think he can hang on.

Republicans can only, and should, stay out of this fight. This fight is between factions of the Progressive movement, which like the Democratic Party in general is a political party of cooperating Special Interests. In this case, women are on one side and unions on the other, so instead of cooperating, they are competing..

It is also, to some extent, a class divide, pitting North County upper class against working class individuals south of Route 8.

Into this internecine warfare, Republicans and Independents are unlikely to trespass, letting the bloodletting take its toll on a surging Democratic Party that has its first San Diego Mayor in decades.

The fact is that Democrats in the party apparatus KNEW that Filner was, is, a boorish, angry, and unstable individual — but, he had the name-recognition necessary to win in a sea of generally low-information voters. They gambled, hoping Filner would not explode — but they gambled against the odds and lost.

Should Filner resign? Perhaps, if you only look at both politics and justice, but if you look at it from another angle, Filner has not done enough damage to alert those who voted for him of their responsibility for this fiasco.

Some important elected Democrats have publicly fallen on their swords, but some still have not, and more importantly, many voters are still not following the impact, even as they did not follow Filners’ abrasive, angry, unstable history.

Given enough time and chaos, no one will ever admit voting for Filner, just as in days past no one admitted voting for Nixon.

Fortunately, Filner is cooperating in the chaos, and soon there will not be a former Democrat in San Diego.

Filner should stay until the very last Democrat in San Diego cries “basta.”

One Response

  1. Many people are confusing “sex scandals” with sexual harassment. Unfair comparisons of Filner’s abuses are being made with the sexual activities of Clinton, JFK, Tiger Woods, Mark Sanford and who knows who else.

    But the gents above were involved in SEX scandals, using charm or their own money to win sexual favors — VOLUNTARILY given by consenting women. These married men arguably demonstrated low moral character, but no force or coercion was in evidence.

    Filner’s serial incident involve not “just” loutish verbal behavior, but also the use of physical force (along with implied coercion of underlings).

    Such Filner actions, if true, do NOT constitute a “sex scandal.” Filner’s alleged actions are FAR worse. There’s nothing sexy about Filner’s behavior.

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