Democrat Divisions Are Interesting

The divisions within the Democratic Party in San Diego regarding Mayor Filner are interesting.

It is not just, as I have previously noted, women against union labor. It is that, of course but it is more nuanced.

Labor has had sufficient clout to sway the votes of three women on the San Diego City Council into failing to vote, or even make remarks against Filner. The head of the County is a woman, Francine Busby, who cast the tying vote to stop the local Democratic machine from condemning Filner.

That may change as early as tonight, as the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee meets to review the bidding that caused a 24-24 tie just last week.

There are now three faces to put with the accusations, and all the accusations are similar, from women with credibility.

And the local Socialists have withdrawn their support of Filner. They may not be a deciding vote in the Council, but their voice is heard.

And, Nancy Pelosi has finally come out, having first dodged the issue, calling Filners’ actions, “reprehensible” and “disrespectful.”

Unions look to be on the losing side in tonight’s vote. They are not accustomed to losing in Democrat political circles.

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