How About a Minimum Profit?

The demand for a higher minimum wage, or Living Wage or government mandated Prevailing Wage continues unabated.

Clue: Drone aircraft can fly the single most difficult flight plan — landing on a pitching aircraft carrier flight deck; more than 20 Google-owned cars are roaming public roads without human intervention…the “Prevailing Wage” for a robot is 11 cents a kilowatt hour.

Almost all human labor can be mechanized and automated. “Labor” can price itself out of business.

Can I get labor to support a “Minimum Profit” Initiative?

That seems “fair.”

Think of it this way, employees would never be laid off in a downturn and if every business were guaranteed a profit, small businesses would not have to lose their businesses but retain their debts, and therefore have to declare bankruptcies and lose their homes…

A Minimum Profit! That’s the ticket to prosperity!

What could go wrong?


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