Finally, Fright Mongers Bring Comedy

Depending upon where one cherry-picks the years, the predictions for Global Whatever look better or worse, but even the IPCC admits in its Summary that there is currently no measurable warming and has been none for more than a decade. We await the final and detailed report, and we know that there has been a debate between politicians, who want the 15+ year hiatus de-emphasized, and the scientists who simply want the numbers to stand on their own.

We also know that the scary predictions made by POLITICIANS and their acolytes have failed to materialize, so, having learned their lessons, they have extended the time period out beyond our ability to check their accuracy.

In the end, the debate is over — political support for AGW is so low as to deny the Scare Mongers any support for meaningful legislation. China and India will not support anything that interferes with their ability to attain First World status, and US citizenry will not support aggressive legislation absent measurements that match political predictions.

In effect, the AGW cult has overplayed their hands, the fight may not be over, but the fright is over and now the laughter builds. Now, Sir Bob Geldof, the famous Rocker turned African philanthropist said last week that all human life could be gone by 2030 because of Global Whatever.

Pure comedy! Der Speigal tells us that in Germany, the most Green of nations, the Fright Level has fallen from 62% in 2009 to only 39% today.

But the Fright Mongers — a cult — continue.


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  1. Very good points. Climate Change Hoax is results-driven, not facts-driven. They want to change culture and society. Even if every government on Earth suddenly announced that no more fossil fuels would be used, the hoaxers would come out with some other sinister force that required cultural and societal change.

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