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The LA Times Op-Ed Editor will no longer select for print those letters that deny Anthropological Global Warming.

“Letters that have an untrue basis (for example, ones that say there’s no sign humans have caused climate change) do not get printed,” Paul Thornton wrote.”

So much for inclusion, diversity of opinion, etc.


The entire local and state-wide government situation can be summed up with two quotes that are germane.

When asked what unions want, the Father of Unionism, Samuel Gompers, replied, “more. And when we get more we will demand still more…”


“There is not enough money because the production of rights and benefits has outstripped the production of wealth.” Christopher Caldwell

The Governor has signed a law that forbids firing victims of domestic violence, and that is fine except it treats the symptoms, only.

The case which triggered this law, was a Catholic School which fired a teacher because the threats from he ex were sufficient for the school to believe that the children would be in danger should she remain.

We must do more to ACTUALLY protect victims of domestic violence, and a piece of paper called a “Restraining Order” does NOT “restrain.”

When there is ANY question of violence, the potential violent party should be required to wear a GPS alert system, along with the potential victim, that tells ALL police cruisers in a neighborhood when the two signals are within a set distance.

Technology must be brought to this problem. We are losing too many innocent victims to KNOWN violent people. Firing innocents is not the answer, and neither is placing children at risk.

This particular situation was a lose-lose situation.


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  1. I have been missing your posts. I hope all is well. Best Wishes, rob.

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