Just The Bottom of the First Inning

We don’t know who wins in the end. Labor Unions learned ages ago that they could lose a LOT of strikes, but that losses that leave them beating can be avenged.

The Tea Party lost this round, but it would have been better had they lost two weeks ago when the Obamacare rollout was just about to tank. The Tea Party let the media deflect away from the Obamacare debacle, not that it is over…in fact the horror stories won’t begin until the computer problems are over and people actually SEE the extent of the costs.

Admittedly, those costs mask the REAL costs, and those appear down the line with deductibles, but the Obamacare immediate ¬†problem appears when young people sign up — or alternately, don’t sign up.

The string has a lot of room to play out.


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