Slavery Has NEVER Been Repealed, Internationally

The Los Angeles Times, in a powerful article, reports that slavery is rampant throughout the world — and, although most of it is in Sub-Saharan Africa, the single worst culprit is India.

The nation with the highest percentage of slaves is the African nation of Mauritania.

Slavery runs the gamut from children sold into sexual slavery, or youthful marriage, or in many cases being born into slavery because your parents are slaves. It is called human trafficking usually because slavery has such as history.

The Global Slavery Index, issued recently, estimates that 30 Million people are slaves around the world, and 60,000 in America alone. Right here in San Diego we often have arrests of illegal aliens who hold young Mexican girls as slaves to service farm workers.

And, as I have mentioned before, one of the great mis – uses of slavery, as if they are not all terrible — was the enslaving of young girls, perhaps as many as 135,000, to serve as prostitutes by the Japanese Imperial Army in WWII. Records show they had to service 30 men a day, six days a week — and the Japanese government refuses to acknowledge this terrible abuse to this day.

But the nations of Africa, who should be smarter considering their history.

Slavery has existed since man walked upright, and it has a vast record in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome not to mention throughout the Middle Ages. In this Hemisphere our experience was not the last — Brazil ended slavery decades after we did.

But, 30 million enslaved today is astonishing.


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