Competing With Excess

San Diego Police say, correctly that their salaries cause some officers to defect to better-paying cities.

I KNOW that trying to compete with cities paying the average beat cop $122,000 a year (before overtime like Vallejo, California, is a losing game!. The claims that San Diego is losing Cops to other cities is probably right, but that simply means those cities will reach Bankruptcy Court sooner.

(I turned around a computer company for the Federal BK Court.)

Yes, my former hometown of Vallejo had many other problems, not the least of which was the closing of the Mare Island Shipyard, but the city ALSO had more than 20 firefighters who each cost the city more than $200,000,  salary and benefits. Mare Island closing was beyond the city’s control — but the OBSCENE salaries were within their control. I’ll bet even you think the Vallejo salary and benefits were over the top.

Experience is what I rely upon and I learned racing in Sports Car Club races that if you are on the edge, ANYTHING can put you over the edge whether you have control over it or not, so you have to leave a bit of room for those unexpected problems. Vallejo didn’t, and yet every city must compete in salary as its workers rush to cities even more insane?

Where is the rabbit hole? Weeks ago I wrote that parasites do not concern themselves with the health of the host — they will fight for the last bite.

Nothing has changed.


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