A friend of mine who is a Very (x10) experienced Computerist just got hit with RansomWare — it encrypted the files on his wife’s computer and demanded $300 to decrypt the computer’s files.

This could be very dangerous. My friend, who shared the teaching Dias with me when I taught beginning computers in my community back when no one understood them, is a fine computer teacher. He wrote a well-regarded contact program, so he really knows computers and if he can be fooled, ANYONE can be fooled. He is the last person I would have guessed

He opened an attachment from a company he trusted, because he had previously done business with the company. The primary clue was that the attachment was a .zip file instead of the usual .pdf file.

I have checked the virus on Symantec and Snopes. It is deadly real!

Right now there is no virus program to block this sort of thing. The good news is that most reports say that paying the $300 DOES get you the key to decrypt but like paying all ransom it empowers the bully.

Please be careful of all downloads, and particularly files presuming to be tracking files from UPS and FedEX,  although my friend did not get one of those.

The bad guys are very good at what they do — or they would not be successful.