Individuals Seeking Their Own Solutions

Skyrocketing health costs?

You want a solution?

Today, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Americans are on airlines flying to Central/South American, Indian, Indonesia, and other nations for both necessary and elective surgery. Some of it is even paid for by employers.

Competition is the answer, and anytime you have Third Party Payers, whether that is government or private, there is no shopping so there is no competition.

I have been in a country’s Capitol in 1986, at a hospital in Moscow where there was government control, and no competition.

They had no hot running water, either.

The main thing about ACA is that it addresses insurance, not healthcare. No one can be denied healthcare, by law. In NYC, an illegal alien named Solis had six surgeries costing over a million dollars in one year. In San Diego, there are more than 1,000 “Frequent Flyers” who EACH ran up a million dollars over a three year period in just ambulance and Paramedic cost! They GOT healthcare.

This is about giving them a “Feel Good Card” so they can whip it out in the ER — and for this we upset 15% of the entire economy.


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