The “Old News” Ploy

The Benghazi attack is undergoing the “Old News Ploy.”

The “old news Ploy” is as valuable to politicians as is the Washington Monument Ploy.

The object is to delay, dribble a few facts, then when some enterprising journalist starts digging, reply with, “It’s old news.” The object is to dissuade the journalist from going further or to demean his final results. ALL administrations (and their press supporters) defend everything with all their might.

Back when the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) was seized on the high seas, the State Department asked all crewmember’s families to stay out of the news and let the Diplomats handle it. Meanwhile, as adviser to the Commanding Officer’s wife, I received a number of letters from Korean War POW families telling me that they had also be advised to remain silent while the diplomatic channels worked – but that their loved ones had been captured in the Korean War and several years after the war was over they had gone to the press about the fact that their loved ones had NEVER been returned.

They were told, “That’s old news.” Their loved ones were never recovered.

I told the State Department that they had 30 days of silence, after which we would raise Holy Hell!

We did. The Pueblo crew was returned. Coincidence? The CO and his crew didn’t believe so.

Don’t believe the “Old News” gambit – or the Washington Monument gambit, either.


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