The Virus Within The Democratic Party

There is a virus within the Democratic Party, a virus of collectivism that like Shingles, erupts periodically.

That virus erupted strongly in the 1930s with both Socialism and Communism getting a toe-hold (or greater) in the Party, but WWII dampened the virus. The strongest movement in the Democrats is Social Democracy of the European model, but there was a more centrist operation from the Democratic Leadership Council, and that was led by Bill Clinton. (Hillary is to the left of the DLC.)

When I was younger, I believed that as the Democrats moved left, the moderates would drop off, but history has proven that Republicans drop off as that Party moves right. Democrats have no such history of an internal moderation feedback loop.

“Solidarity” is more than a slogan to the left. Organized Labor has not repudiated Filner to this date, and although women abandoned Filner, they will still support labor’s candidates.

We see that “Moderate” Republicans call out Cruz, Rand Paul, etc. constantly! But if there is a similar condemnation of the extreme left of the Democrats — even Bernie Sanders who is now an Independent but was a registered Socialist, and now caucuses with the Democrats, or Maxine Waters who has supported “socialization” or “nationalization” of the oil industry, I have missed it COMPLETELY.

“And guess what this member* would be all about? This member would be all about socializing — er, uh. [Pauses for several moments] …. would be about … [pause] … basically … taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

The history of “No enemies on the Left” is a long and treasured concept dating from 1917, and has worked for them so successfully that even today we see that the SD Labor Council has not condemned Filner, and those that revealed the truth have reportedly suffered ostracism.

There are moderates in the Democratic Party — two of them at last count.

Why not just fix what’s wrong?

Because nationalized health care has been the dream of liberals ever since the Socialist-leanings of the Left of the 1930, and it has been realized in leftist-leaning European nations. (They love Europe, even as it crumbles.)

The Left has been trying foe decades because taking a 15% bite out of the private sector at one fell swoop is a great start — and making health insurance a “Right” (even if Maslow might not recognize it) the left wants to “take the profit out of healthcare.”

That is NOT the only thing they want to take the profit out of, but it is a great start because they can point to a lot of crying children being denied health insurance — because children will not realize they get HEALTH CARE even without health insurance.

Optics is everything, and so long as the left nationalizes the media LAST , they can manipulate the optics.

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