No One Loves a Turncoat

Raul Gallegos writes an interesting opinion piece in the Bloomberg Press, about the prospects of Eric Snowden.

You remember Snowden?

Raul remembers Phillip Agee, a CIA agent who defected to the Soviets after turning to the left, and going Rogue back in the Cold War.

Raul reminds us that Agee was both smarter and more experienced in spy-craft, but he ran out of options quickly. (Agee was a graduate of Notre Dame, while Snowden was a high school dropout.)

No one loves a turncoat.

“As with Snowden, many journalists, left-wing governments and other U.S. detractors initially hailed Agee as a hero. But soon the world became less welcoming. Agee was well received in the U.K. where he fought a U.S. extradition request until he was forced to leave for the Netherlands in 1977. He was eventually expelled from the Netherlands and a host of other U.S. friendly nations, such as France, Italy and West Germany, and lived in Grenada and Nicaragua before finally settling in Cuba under Fidel Castro (the type of regime he once worked to undermine).”

The difference today is that while Agee had few supporters, there are a lot of leftist Libertarians who support Snowden — so many in fact that I am seriously considering ending my Libertarian Party membership…one that has lasted since the inception of the political party. I will remain a libertarian, just not a Libertarian.

The support for Snowden comes not from the dedicated Communists he has aided but idealists who have no clue about the real world.

Naivety is no shield against reality, but it is against the naive perception of reality.

The perception is not reality. Reality is not harsh, it is deadly and Snowden helped potential enemies of America.

He is a traitor.

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