The Obamacare Website Ripoff

Did you see the CBS report on

Three guys in San Francisco developed a website that “answers most of the questions of the Obamacare website ” — and the three man team did it over the weekend.

For free.

Now, about the $(300)(600)(??????) million Obamacare website …

In my youth I was first a computer programmer (binary, octal, hexadecimal), then manager of several hundred programmers, finally project manager of the entire project — a massive and very successful military computer project. As a programmer, I was part of a three person team that wrote a program to track Soviet satellites and (at that time (600 Navy ships) as they moved about the ocean and warned those ships hourly when they were under electronic and visual surveillance.

In short, I have some background to say that the Obamacare website is a mess, but that it never should have cost what it did, or taken what it did — and not WORKED!

The website the three did is not a complete site because it did not provide sign up, but it DID. provide the information that people wanted and that is easily 60% of the website, and they did it over a WEEKEND. I can tell you from experience that because managers, and particularly government managers are so inexperienced at computers that they are at serious risk of being conned by experts at computers. Experts at every level do that…

if your Doctor told you that you have some strange disease, what would you know?

When I was CEO of a Los Angeles TV station I didn’t tell my IT Director of my computer background, and he tried to fool me by 500%, either by time or money or both, constantly!

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