As Tough As France, or John Kerry!

The Associated Press headline says it all, “France out-toughs US over Iran Nuclear Program.”


Arghhhh! Aside from the fact that our weak presence annoys our ally, Israel, (not to mention, The Saudis), it further demonstrates our diplomatic weakness overall in the Middle East.

Part of that is the Obama dithering on Syria, part Obama’s overall dithering in the Middle East, and part John Kerry, who simply does not radiate the military and diplomatic power of the most powerful nation on earth. Even Hillary is a more powerful personality.

I think we can count on Iran getting the bomb unless Israel acts, and from a world view it is difficult while these talks are in progress. In the end, if Israel gets information that the Iranians are rushing for finalization, they will act even if it will only slow finalization.

This is not a pretty picture. I remember that we also said that North Korea would not be allowed to get an atomic bomb, and they have one.

Of course North Korea does not threaten Israel.  If they had, Israel would have taken care of the situation.

On the subject of North Korea, the book Act of War — Lyndon Johnson, North Korea, and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo by Jack Cheevers is now on and can be ordered for delivery next month.

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