Great New Car, Just Not Many Of Them

One of the many websites I read through iPad app is CNET, the technology website that even includes automobiles these days — it’s not going to replace Road and Track or Car and Driver, but there is enough technology in modern cars to include cars in CNET

As a car nut, I read the reviews and generally file them away without smiling.

I am smiling — but with only 333 copies, I won’t be buying an Audi A1 Quatro anytime soon. It is a Q-Ship, and I love Q-Ships. This one looks to be the size of a FIAT 500L but with a Racer’s heart…a turbo-charged 2.0 liter tuned engine.

CNET says it is what happens when you turn Engineers loose and tell them to have fun. There is a de-tuned version, simply called the A1, but why buy a car that is half the fun.

(One reason might be that the Quatro version costs about $70,000, which is a lot for something that looks like a tricked-out FIAT, but only 333 copies lends a bit of exclusivity. And, it has about the same 0-60 time, and top speed of my Lexus SC430, but my car (which costs about the same as the Quatro) has an electric hard convertible top In San Diego, an electric hard convertible top is terrific in San Diego.

(It was 85 and sunny, today.)

It’s just as well. All the 333 AI Quatros were pre-sold.

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