Pre-Existinge Conditions

It does not take 900+ pages and an overturn of 15% of the entire US economy to get a pre-existing condition covered.

It takes a single sentence: “All insurance policies written for medical conditions must henceforth cover pre-existing conditions.”

Now THAT was not too hard, was it?

Obamacare is NOT about covering pre-existing conditions, it is about the road to European style Social Democracy (although France recently went the whole way to elect a Socialist President), and Obama just took a 15% bite out of the Social Democrat apple.

No, Obamacare is about control.

Many Democrats openly hope it fails so that the medical system can be fully nationalized (like Britain).Not all Democrats would support this, but as the train runs between points on the continuum from Democrat (liberal) to Social Democrat (Leftist) to Socialist to Communist, thinking Democrats get off the train when they get uncomfortable.

It is always a question of how many get off as the train moves left, and how many sleep through the station stops.

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