The Mess We Are In NOW!

If you read the current LA Times explanation of what the situation is tonight, you will see the answers to begin with “It depends,” and, “That’s unclear.”

Among other things, the current situation “allows” insurance companies to renew plans already canceled (some May, some not — they have reprogrammed their computers to meet what the government TOLD them), and State Insurance Commissioners have the option of going along with the president’s “new” plan — the state of Washington have announced they will Not.

We should ask OUR Democratic Congressman, Scott Peters (who was going to join Republicans demanding delay) and Diane Feinstein as well.

This fiasco has nothing to do with Republicans — Democrats drove this Obamacare vehicle away from the curb without a Republican vote, and the president drove it over the cliff with 15 Democratic Senators up for reelection fighting for the wheel.

When Democrats cannot convince or bribe even the Democrat’s favorite New England Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, then Democrats must ask if they have gone too far.

(They have!)

Bureaucracies grow because that is their DNA. examined  as early as the LAST century, when Cyril Northcote Parkinson wrote Parkinson’s Law, generally stated as “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” — and it was determined by examining British Postal Service.

It’s just that government bureaucracies do not occasionally shrink like corporate ones do, so governments always need to acquire more land, more people, more power — and often governments fall into the control of strong socialists (Democrats) rather than weak socialists (Republicans), and spin out of control through overreaching.

Overreaching is the bane of ALL politicians,

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