Why Not Healthcare As A Right — Like Europe?

This is an exceptional country — broken away from Europe, its Kings and now its Social Democracies (and Socialist Democracies).

This nation underwent its socialist time (note the small “s”) in the 1930s, a time when even Communism (note the capital “C”) — a time when the Democratic Party flirted with both socialism, and provided the sea in which ACTUAL Communists swam.

It is a periodic theme, this socialism (if not Socialism) as an identifiable part of the left wing of the Democratic Party. We do not wish to be European, although there are ex-pats in almost all European capitols of those who do.

There is a moderate wing of the Democratic Party, represented by the Democratic Leadership Council and Bill Clinton, but in the name of party “solidarity” (where have I read that word before?), it is supportive of this president and his flirt with Social Democrats.

Bill is now pushing back, recognizing that — as the news media suggests — this is Obama’s :Katrina.” 39 House Democrats also pushed back today, and threatened Senators have yet to be heard.

The takeover of 15% of the US economy is failing, and even elected Democrats are looking for cover. The NYTimes calls it a “crises of confidence.”

Yep! That’s what happens when your only choices are lying or incompetence.

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